Directors & Associates 

Andrew Wallas, Chairman

Andrew is a co-founder of A Deeper Understanding Limited (ADUL), author, speaker and workshop facilitator.

Andrew embodies a rare combination of highly successful businessman and intuitive corporate shaman. He is both recognised in the outer world as a respected businessman with a sharp intellect and acumen, as well as being seen as an inner world guide with a deep insight and mystical intuition. Andrew specialises in creating greater awareness, viewing a business as a living organism, the concept of flow, the power of intention, the importance of clearing blocks, the need for alignment, the value of synchronicity and the experience of alchemy.

Over the past 40 years, Andrew has guided business leaders and companies, both large and small, to fulfil more of their latent potential.

He is author of best-selling book Business Alchemy, which offers a radical new approach to transforming businesses.


Dave Lee, CEO

Co-founder of A Deeper Understanding Limited (ADUL), author, speaker, coach, workshop facilitator, husband, and father.

Dave believes that we can all experience lasting change irrespective of our early life experiences. Having lived through a difficult childhood with experience of both the care and justice systems, Dave, at the age of 21, found himself wielding a broom on a building site.

As the years progressed he found that he quickly rose through the ranks and was responsible for running multi-million-pound jobs. From an external perspective Dave was doing well, however, the stresses of the job combined with being the key provider for a young family took their toll and the only way Dave could cope was to rely on alcohol.

After hitting rock bottom, Dave started to explore alternative ways of dealing with stress and his newly discovered mental health issues, that didn’t involve alcohol. On this journey he discovered tools that made both his personal and professional life easier.

As his journey through life continued Dave started sharing these tools with his workforce. This led to him writing a book called “The Hairy Arsed Builders Guide to Stress Management”. Dave is co-founder of ADUL and he currently supports various companies, bodies and individuals on how to utilise these tools in their personal and professional lives.

Dave is inspiring and passionate about sharing his insights and wisdom to create lasting change.

Matt Johnson, Director

Co-founder of ADUL, finance and operations executive, entrepreneur, speaker, good friend, husband, and father.

Matt has many years’ experience working as a finance executive, he has successfully refinanced companies to values more than £100 million, been involved in various mergers and acquisitions, completed performance enhancement & restructuring exercises, and been a key member of international management teams in both good & bad times and in the set-up / transitional phases for organisations. He has spent time working outside of the UK to ensure companies met key milestones and he used to “thrive on stress”.

This all changed when Matt’s wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2011, at this time Matt had to give up his professional career and take care of his wife and one-year-old son. After a very long haul, experimental treatments/surgeries Matt’s wife pulled through cancer against all the odds and in 2015 he found himself able to return to work, however, with a great need to ensure that his home and professional life was far more balanced in acknowledgement of the huge sword hanging over his head and the preciousness of time.

In addition to the bad luck, Matt’s wife’s experienced, his father recently passed away with a rare variant of CJD (human mad cow disease) creating, even more, pressure in his life.

Matt discovered a new way of thinking as he battled through his difficult personal journey which enabled him to be there for all concerned and fulfill his dual role as carer and provider.

He successfully adopted his new thinking in his return to the workplace to great effect allowing him to be successful again and, in doing this, discovered that sewing these ideas into the structure of a business allows success to naturally develop for all.

Matt is very authentic and you feel safe in his presence, he believes that others like him can benefit from developing their own A Deeper Understanding and wants to help others as others, often from unexpected places, helped him through his dark hours.


Emma has been coaching and working with people for over 10 years. She will guide you in a way that enables you to recognise, let go of and move past all that has ever stood in the way of living your best life. Passionate about the human spirit and human evolution, Emma has been on a 25-year journey of Self discovery. She is passionate about helping people to live in alignment with who they are – moving away from restrictions, limitations and negative self image / self talk in order to become fully alive.

Trained in Pscyhosynthesis Psychology (PG Dip), Calling in The One Coaching and Innate Health / Three Principles, she will help you to come to a place of understanding how your experience is created in order to recognise how much control you have in determining how you feel. She will show you that nothing outside of yourself has the power to make you feel any particular way. Whether your issue seems to be within business, relationships, addictive processes, unwanted thinking or anything else in between, Emma can help.

She says “We do not always consciously know the thoughts that have been standing in the way of us realising and manifesting the life we have always known is possible. We can believe, if only ‘this’ or ‘that’ would change, all will be well. I am here to show you that absolutely nothing is blocking your path to love, joy, success and happiness… apart from what you think is blocking you. I can help you realise and release all that has ever stood in the way of you becoming your most radiant self and living and loving your best life.”

Jean Duprez, Director, Duprez Consulting Ltd

Jean sits on the both the CIOB London Board for Employer Engagement and their Policy Board, is active on the City of London’s Social Value Consultation Panel, represents GTA England and is an ambassador for the London Chamber of Commerce.

Jean also acts as a Construction ambassador for CITB and the National Apprenticeship Service, promoting apprenticeships in various sectors. Jean is passionate about her work in raising awareness with females both in recruitment and more importantly retention within the Construction Industry and supports the organization Women into Construction (WIC) in order to achieve their aims. In 2015 Jean received an MBE for her services to skills and training.

Jean has worked in the construction industry for the past 25 years, as a Business Centre manager for a large freehold in Mayfair, a Centre manager for Regus in Trafalgar Square, a Senior Manager for K&M McLoughlin Decorating Ltd for 14 years and then in October 2015 formed Duprez Consulting ltd, a company committed to making apprenticeships count.

Fenella Jane Blakaj, Director Way-Up Switzerland

Educational Consultant, 3P Facilitator, experienced youth coach, speaker, workshop developer, mother-of-three, and wife.

Fenella has worked in the field of empowerment for the past 20 years. She strongly believes that people are healthy within, no matter their circumstances and has worked with this belief at heart for the past two decades.

We are neither damaged good nor inadequate on any level. Profoundly understanding this statement puts people back into the driver’s seat of their lives. Watching this happen is what amazes Fenella every day: Watching people develop from supposed victims of life to empowered and respected beings is fulfilment to her.

Having struggled to come to terms with own past throughout her teens and her early twenties, Fenella learned that the past has no power over us apart from the one we give to it. Sharing the insights she has since come to see is part of her daily work. Today she looks back in gratitude or with a healthy distance onto everything that shaped her.

Fenella has helped many people out of habitual thought patterns, fragility, victimhood and low states of motivation. She has worked with people with burn-out and anxiety, as well as consulting teachers about positive class management, class empowerment, and motivation, improving many a teacher’s workday and many a child’s experiences of school.

The past years of Fenella’s Life have been dedicated to social health. She has spent them advising schools about bullying and going into classes to mediate in cases of bullying, disciplinary difficulties or low levels of motivation/ inspiration. The resilience she has found in the children she worked with is the same she sees in everyone around her.

She is currently writing a book on the lasting changes that can be generated in schools and workplaces through understanding how we all form our experience of reality from the inside-out rather than from the outside-in. Her book describes a preventive method based on her understanding of how social interactions take place.

Fenella is inspired and highly motivated to share her findings with everyone who is willing to listen and thus bring more love, peace, consideration and compassion into their lives.

Lizzi Luminati

Lizzi integrates a depth of clinical knowledge with thirty years experience in the fields of general health, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and spirituality. She originally trained as a general nurse in London in 1985. Within the NHS, she specialized in mental health, focusing upon the practice of group and individual psychotherapy. She undertook a post-graduate drama therapy diploma which incorporated a variety of therapeutic approaches as well as training in clinical supervision in psychotherapy in 1993. In 1995 she undertook a rigorous seven year psychoanalytic psychotherapy training. During this time she embarked on personal psychoanalysis three times a week for nine years.

For three years she lived and worked at a pioneering mental health centre as a residential psychotherapist working with severely damaged individuals, offering intensive group and individual psychotherapy. Her experience was consolidated as a Team Leader for a further ten years where she took a leadership role, supervising and teaching trainees as well as conducting psychoanalytic psychotherapy for individuals and families. She trained as a body psychotherapist in USA in 1998/99 and in 2003/2004 became a trainer in self-actualization.

In 2009, she became a ‘presence facilitator’ and now works as an Awareness Facilitator/Instructor for One World Academy, running transformational programmes to develop the art of awareness. Lizzi works as a sought-after psychotherapist with individuals, couples and groups. She combines a highly developed intuition with an in-depth understanding of the human psyche. The emphasis of her work is predominantly psycho-spiritual in nature, weaving the wisdom of the ancients with modern approaches to personal development.