Seeing beyond the snow storm of our unhelpful thinking

This short animation gives a great insight what happens when we’re triggered into unhelpful thinking.

We can be feeling ok the day is going well when we get the unexpected email, text, phone call, situation, circumstance or event.

Very quickly like a snow globe at Christmas that’s been shaken releasing all the snowflakes, this to happens to us when our thinking is triggered we are overwhelmed with unhelpful thoughts, these then create feelings of anxiety, stress, worry, tension, pressure, anger and uncertainty to name but a few, but if you can just see that the feelings are only being created by the unhelpful thinking the thoughts will begin to settle much like the snowflakes in the globe, once the thinking has settled and the mind becomes quite the solution will show itself and you will know how to respond rather than react.

The right response will always come with a good feeling. 

Take time to watch this animation and enjoy.

Getting off the roundabout

I was invited for an interview to discuss my experience of mental ill health and how working in construction contributed to that as part of the BBC radio 5 state of mind series.

Here is a recording of the interview.

It feels great to get our message out there and the feedback has been fantastic.

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When our consciousness shifts all vessels rise on the tide

The youtube shows how interlinked our level of consciousness is to everything we experience, feel and do. What might seem the right thing to do on a certain level of consciousness might proof totally wrong, ridiculous or embarrassing on another level of consciousness. Therefore, we sometimes reflect on situations and feel embarrassed or feel we acted wrongly or we just feel we should have acted differently.

As our level of consciousness increases, everything changes with it: Our thoughts, our feelings, the way we look at life, the way we perceive the people around us and even the way we perceive ourselves. Thus, depending on our level of consciousness we can experience the same situation in hundreds of ways and we act differently, according to our state of consciousness. A rise in consciousness truly is a magical experience: It helps us see things in a totally new light and assists us to make sense of situations that seemed painful, illogical or stressing before. With the rising of our consciousness new light is brought to the scene.

In the animation, this is shown wonderfully by all vessels rising with the consciousness boat on the tide. When consciousness is down, our thoughts appear more real to us and life in turn more threatening or more daunting. This is because we are looking from a lower level: We cannot see as much, when we are looking from down below, as we can when we are looking from a higher state of being. Imagine the boats in a pool, with the rim of the pool being either above you, so that you cannot see over it or the water having risen enough for you to see over the rim of the pool and realise the world is bigger than and very different from what you initially thought.
As our consciousness rises everything changes with it, nothing can stay the same.

A Deeper Understanding Innocently seduced by negative

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Our first animation shows how we are innocently seduced by negative thinking.

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