Helping break down the walls in construction

A Deeper Understanding was invited on board the Amsterdam to participate in panel of experts put together by Ranstad, for their well received event – Mental Health: Helping Construction Workers Break down the walls.

We explained our approach and experience to this sensitive issue; exploring the differences between mental ill health and mental well health. We drove our key message home “by seeing beyond what we think we know we can create lasting change”.

Feedback from the event has been great and it’s wonderful to see how a simple shift in perception can make such a vast difference.

There was much interest in our two day training package introducing people to our principles.

Our two day package will improve:

  • Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Productivity
  • Conflict Resolution

For more details on our packages please email:

Mental health and Inner Welling

After much thought this is my understanding of mental health it’s something we’re born with, it’s innate within us, it’s our natural ability to feel good. It’s an inbuilt resilience that no matter what life throws at us we’re able to deal with in a way that is hard to articulate.

It naturally arises within us and improves the quality of our lives if we just get out of the way.

I’ve come to this understanding after many years of being misdiagnosed depressed and labelled a problem, due to this misunderstanding of what mental health isn’t, I spent many years trying to fix or be fixed, either by taking antidepressants or trying many different therapeutic models, from 12 step programmes to primal therapy. I even wrote a book on stress management after my experience of spending years looking for a problem that didn’t exist. (Only in my thinking)

I feel there’s been a lot of focus on mental ill health – stress, anxiety insecurity and depression, all of these are a simple misunderstanding of how we innocently use our thinking against ourselves.

We are naturally mentally healthy it is only our thinking that says we’re not.

Once I uncovered this simple truth, I no longer self diagnose myself depressed because I have sad, anxious or insecure thoughts.

This insight has improved the quality of my life and how I experience it.

After many many years of believing there was a black dog, I can now see it was just an Illusion created by my own thinking. There isn’t a black dog and never was!

I believe we all have the ability to wake up from the illusion created by our own thinking and be free of the thoughts that are innocently being misdiagnosed as illnesses that need fixing or tablets etc etc.

As my understanding deepened of where mental health comes from, the chemicals seemed to settle themselves within me, I’m only sharing my truth and in no way am I telling people what to do. I only ask you don’t put contempt before investigation.